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File Policy & Preferences

Proofing Your Documents

Please review all documents carefully before uploading to Unlimited Printing. Any requested changes after your upload will be billed at our regular rates.

Web File Upload Policy

The process of web file uploads depends on its usage (downloads, image galleries, web graphics, etc). Accepted file types for web files are PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. Your file uploads are sufficient at 72 dpi.

Please Submit PDF Documents for Print

Files submitted for print should be in PDF format for best results; we prefer this file format above all else. Turn your embedded fonts into vector shapes. You can do this using Adobe Illustrator. Please use 300 dpi for images that are uploaded for print.

If you need help converting your fonts into vector shapes, please contact us. Please be aware that files native to their original program (.ai files for Illustrator, .psd for Photoshop, etc.) may be subject to pre-flight charges.